MERNA – Better Run –

Toronto singer/songwriter formerly known as Ayah (Dj Jazzy Jeff), has been killed by Merna, who has emerged on to the scene, causing quite a stir.

Backed by Makai Black on production, Merna delivers a hard hitting, commanding performance and song, with a warning to ‘Better Run’.

« Like nature, we must accept change and evolve. The journey continues as Merna. I’m so excited to share ALL of me with the world through this music and art », said Merna in a handwritten letter to her fans via her instagram, last Thursday evening.

Merna is currently working on her upcoming album (tbr 2014) with Makai Black, Doc Mckinney (The Weeknd), and Ali Shaheed Muhammad (A Tribe Called Quest).

To listen to Merna – Better Run (produced by Makai Black)

Watch Merna – Better Run (In Session)

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