Hey!zeus.i with Dudley Perkins – DREAM on DREAMERS –


The story goes:
A producer named skye was working with Dudley Perkins on the original version of this track and i got a request to do a remix, on hearing my remix skye liked it so much i was given the vocals to use. I’ve been sitting on this tune for a while and having a feeling to do a stop motion video i thought this would be its best use.
Video : -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rNpXm…
Download : -http://heyzeusi.bandcamp.com/track/dr…
Soundcloud : – https://soundcloud.com/hey-zeus-i/hey…

Producer : – Hey!zeus.i
lyrics & vocals : – Dudley Perkins
Flute : – Radimo of prago union / champion sound


BIAS TRUTH – All rise –


Artist: Bias Truth
Location: Toronto, Ontario

Genre: Rap/Hip-Hop

Project Link: https://soundcloud.com/bias-truth/sets/all-rise

Twitter: https://twitter.com/biastruth_roan
Website: http://the-roan.com/

With The Rise Of A Nation on the rise, up and coming artist Bias Truth releases « All Rise » which is one of the precursor projects leading up to his debut project « BMore BFore: The Revisit ». As you listen to each song, it is like a gravitational pull with his interpretations of how each song should have been or just his take on the type of emotion the production gave to him, which in return makes each record seem like it was his originally. This project is a mirror of everyone and is designed to allow the listener to look at them-self while listening. There is constant growth and knowledge being orchestrated as you listen thoroughly through the project. Certain views on being more in tune with whats really going on in the world as well as who’s in control ultimately are highlighted throughout. All he asks for is open ears and an open mind and he guarantees to win over present and new listeners.

« All Rise! Submerged in the water and became a new artist! »
-Bias Truth

(Producer,Engineer, ARTist, Songwriter)

Bias Truth


VIDEO SKYBLEW – StandAloneBelievingInDecember –


SkyBlew & Director Shane M. Petty put their creative minds together to present « StandAloneBelievingInDecember »­; which is a visual interpretation consisting of, 3 favorite verses & a chorus each from SkyBlew’s last 3 projects. He did this, not only to promote these projects, but also to give an example of how each project correlates with the next, leading up to his recently released debut album – Window Seat On That Midnight Train. So, sit back, press play & enjoy!

« Life In 3rd Person »

« The Marvelous Slumber »

‘Window Seat On That Midnight Train »

Director @shanempetty

-Paint The Sky,Blew!!!