Hey!zeus.i with Dudley Perkins – DREAM on DREAMERS –


The story goes:
A producer named skye was working with Dudley Perkins on the original version of this track and i got a request to do a remix, on hearing my remix skye liked it so much i was given the vocals to use. I’ve been sitting on this tune for a while and having a feeling to do a stop motion video i thought this would be its best use.
Video : -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rNpXm…
Download : -http://heyzeusi.bandcamp.com/track/dr…
Soundcloud : – https://soundcloud.com/hey-zeus-i/hey…

Producer : – Hey!zeus.i
lyrics & vocals : – Dudley Perkins
Flute : – Radimo of prago union / champion sound